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Rocky Balboa is Back in New Movie CREED

Rocky Balboa is Back in New Movie CREED
So if you are anything like us and love a good 'ol Rocky marathon then new boxing movie Creed is sure to take your fancy.


We went to see it in our local cinema and it certainly did not disappoint! We definitely had our reservations as this is the first Rocky movie that Sylvester Stallone didn't write, however, writer/director Ryan Coogler knocked it out of the park. A film that has nostalgic overtones, strong acting from all cast and an emotional roller-coaster that takes you on another heart felt journey 39 years after the original. 
This movie centres around Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) the son of boxing champion Apollo Creed who died before he was born, it follows his rise into the boxing ranks, his struggle from being a street fighter to one that can wear his father’s name with pride, a boy with boxing in his blood and the Italian Stallion Rocky Balboa in his corner. Gees it feels like only the other day Rocky was fighting Creed himself...     Not knowing his father obviously messed him up but after seeking out the retired Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) at Adrian's restaurant (still chokes us up) he asks the former champ to train him and after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing Rocky agrees to mentor the kid. There begins a wonderful relationship that builds over the course of the movie, a merging of generations, a handing over of the baton so to speak and Adonis gets his chance to fight the world champion, an opponent played by real life fighter Tony Bellew.
We adore Sylvester Stallone and honestly feel that this is one of his best performances in any movie he has done, the Golden Globe and Critics Choice for best supporting actor he was awarded were well deserved and we will be ecstatic if he also gets the Oscar (if he doesn’t we shall riot…we are not biased at all – honest). Seriously though Stallone gave Rocky an emotional depth in Creed that went above and beyond any other Rocky movie, with scenes that will have you laughing and scenes that will also induce tears, Balboas journey through the film sees him fighting a different kind of fight.
So to sum it up in a nutshell the outstanding cast, the well-crafted story, gritty direction makes for another classic in the Rocky franchise and also opens the door to more Creed movies. So if you haven't already seen it we urge you to do so... We haven't really given too much away as this isn't a full review but a huge recommendation from all of us here at Retro Rules xoxo



  • Carli Davies
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  • Leigh

    I’ve seen the Creed movie and its fantastic! Great review and for all those out there that remember the Rocky movies fondly and haven’t seen the movie yet I urge you to do so! Here is hoping that this is the first in a new breed of Rocky movies….

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